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Webinar premiere for the Latin and Hispanic

William Carriello
Posted on Tue May 12
2 min read

The first HAYMAN-WOODWARD digital event took place last Thursday (August 20th) for a select list of guests. Lead attorney/shareholder Lucia Camargo from Washington, D.C. led the almost two hour webinar with the participation of associate attorneys Nathalie Roa and Alberto Lugo.

Throughout the webinar, the fifty guests who were present were able to learn about our firm’s mission and received answers from their questions about the possibilities of emigrating to the United States.

For HAYMAN-WOODWARD shareholder Leonardo Freitas, digital presence is mandatory and important for any business. “The company that is not active in digital tools is bound to failure. Our company fulfilled the objective and proved to be able to hold new large digital meetings for segmented audiences.” he stated after the webinar.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD PLLC is a United States-based immigration law firm with its global headquarters positioned in the heart of Washington, D.C. We are dedicated to support individuals and business entities in our quest to BUILD VALUE ACROSS BORDERS.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD PLLC assists its clients’ immigration (visas) needs worldwide, seamlessly bridging cultural gaps while ensuring clients’ continued success in the new market of their choice. Our team of legal professionals and management have decades of combined experience in the field of immigration law, with attorneys licensed to practice in various jurisdictions in the United States and internationally.

Our attorneys will assist you in all stages of your expatriation, including business development in the United States. For our law firm, each case is unique and is treated as such, with personalized and individualized solutions.

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