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Portugal: An Attractive Destination for Investment and Residence

William Carriello
Posted on Tue Aug 15
2 min read

Portugal is a country with a rich history and culture, located in southwestern Europe. The country has a strong and stable economy, a business-friendly environment, and a variety of investment opportunities.

Investment Opportunities in Portugal

Portugal offers a variety of investment opportunities in sectors such as real estate, tourism, technology, and renewable energy.

The real estate market in Portugal has been particularly attractive, with a significant increase in foreign investments. The country offers a range of properties for every budget, in cities, towns, and villages.

Tourism is another important source of economic growth for Portugal. The country welcomes millions of visitors every year, who are drawn to its beautiful beaches, historic cities, and vibrant culture.

Portugal is also a hub for technology and innovation, attracting startups and technology companies from around the world. The country has also invested in renewable energy, aiming to become a reference in this sector.

Residence in Portugal through the Golden Visa

The Golden Visa program has been a popular option for those wishing to obtain residence in Portugal. Through the Golden Visa, foreign investors have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Portugal, as well as access to the Schengen area. Additionally, the program allows for family reunification, enabling investors to bring their family members to live in the country. After a certain period of residence, investors can also apply for Portuguese citizenship.

Growth of Investments in Portugal

Investments in Portugal have shown significant growth in recent years. Data from the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) shows a 27.5% increase in investments through the Residence by Investment programs in the first half of this year. This growth reflects investors’ confidence in the country’s economic potential and the opportunities it offers.


Portugal continues to be an attractive destination for foreign investors seeking residence and investment opportunities. With a track record of success, a business-friendly environment, and a variety of promising sectors, the country provides a favorable landscape for investments.

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