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Spanish citizenship by residence: mistakes that can delay the process!

William Carriello
Posted on Tue Feb 28
4 min read

If you are Brazilian and dream of obtaining Spanish citizenship by length of residence, you should already know that this is a possible goal, in addition to being an opportunity that can open doors both in Spain and in the European Union.

However, you need to be aware that the process can be complex, sometimes lengthy, and require attention to detail.

In this blog I will highlight some common mistakes that can delay the process of obtaining Spanish citizenship by residency criteria , so that you can avoid them and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Follow!


One of the main (and most common) mistakes that can delay the process of obtaining Spanish citizenship is the lack or inadequacy of the necessary documentation.

It is essential to gather ALL the documents required by the Spanish authorities before starting the process, as well as to make sure that they are up to date and correctly translated and legalized, when necessary.

Pay attention to the validity of your passport

When applying for Spanish citizenship by residency, it is crucial to have a valid passport.

If your passport is expired and you are in the process of renewing it, it is necessary to provide proof along with the other documents. Thus, the Ministry of Justice will be aware that you have started the passport renewal process.

After obtaining the new passport, add it to your Spanish citizenship process to complete it.

Also, remember that the copy of the document must be complete and legible, including all pages, including blank and un-stamp pages .

In addition to the passport, another document that you should pay attention to is the Criminal Record Certificate, whose validity must cover the period of application for Spanish citizenship by residence.


The translation and legalization of documents issued in Brazil, through the Hague Apostille , are essential steps in the process of obtaining Spanish citizenship.

Errors in these two steps can lead to delays and even order rejection.

Make sure you hire a sworn translator for Spain and follow the guidelines on document legalization to avoid future problems.

Important to reinforce: always review the translated and apostilled documents. Ever! After all, you are most interested in everything going according to plan.


To obtain Spanish citizenship by length of residence, you must prove that you have legally lived in Spain for a certain period.

In general, 2 years are required for citizens of Ibero-American countries.

It is important (and essential) to have documents that demonstrate the length of residence at hand, such as, for example, rental contracts, utility bills, income tax returns, among others.

When completing the forms and providing the information to the Spanish authorities, it is essential to be accurate and consistent. Any discrepancy or error in the information may cause delays or even rejection of the citizenship application.

Carefully check all the data provided and if you have any doubts, count on the professional support of my Studio Migratório , an office specialized in immigration, with the necessary experience to bring peace of mind and security to your process.

To make an appointment online, access my virtual agenda , or, in case of specific doubts, send a message using the contact form !

⚠️ Attention: the period as a student (with visa or study permit) is not considered for citizenship purposes!

Still don’t know what documents are needed to apply for Spanish citizenship or what are the ways to be entitled to this nationality? I invite you to take a look at my content on this subject. Below I list the main ones, hope it helps you!

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