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Optimizing the UK-India Free Trade Agreement: Prioritizing Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness over Visa Expansion

Rishi Sunak’s recent visit to Delhi for the G20 summit has reignited discussions surrounding the UK-India free trade agreement. Reports have suggested that these negotiations have hit a stumbling block due to India’s expressed interest in obtaining more visas. Drawing from my extensive experience at the Home Office between 2003 and 2011, where I specialized […]

Eligibility for Pre-Settled and Settlement Status under the EU Regulations in the United Kingdom after post-Brexit!

On 17 July 2023, the Home Office announced that those who have not yet qualified for Settled Status before the expiry of their Pre-Settled Status will automatically have their Pre-Settled Status extended by another two years from September 2023. Following the announcement, several EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) status holders are now receiving updates from the […]

There is no 180 day a year rule for visitors to the UK

One of the most common UK immigration myths is that there is a maximum permitted stay of 180 days in a year (or six months in 12 months) for UK visitors. This myth has been propagated not just by migrants but also by advisers and even UK Border Force staff. In reality, there is no […]

Unlocking a Bright Future: UK Law Now Gifts Citizenship to EU Kids!

Discover how the UK now offers British citizenship to EU kids, unlocking new opportunities for their future. Find out more about the changes…