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Navigating the Dichotomy in U.S. Immigration Policy and its Economic Ramifications – A Human Capital Perspective.

The United States is at a precarious crossroads, wrestling with an immigration policy that appears dangerously imbalanced. This imbalance not only imperils our economic prospects but also invites scrutiny regarding the strategic deployment of our high-value immigration visas—specifically the EB1A and EB2-NIW categories. These specialized visas serve as powerful economic catalysts and deserve careful attention, […]

Destination USA: Conquering Visas and Green Cards for Photographers

In today’s interconnected world, the role of media in disseminating information and promoting global understanding is more crucial than ever. For foreign media professionals wishing to contribute to the vibrant media landscape of the United States, media visas (I visas) provide a pathway to temporarily work in their chosen field. This article explores the details […]

Form I-94: Understanding its Purpose and Usage When Entering the US

The Form I-94 essentially serves as the record of arrivals and departures of travelers in the US during immigration, replacing the method…

Discovering New Destinations in the USA: Beyond Florida!

One thing we know is that many Brazilians have a special affection for Florida when thinking about immigrating to the United States. And I always ask people: Have you visited the United States? Or just Florida? Because the American dream goes FAR beyond what Florida has to offer. Nothing against the place, but America is […]

myProgress Expansion: Streamlining Immigration Processing Times for Form I-765 and I-131

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has just announced a significant expansion to their digital platform, myProgress. Previously recognized as personalized processing times, myProgress is a tool designed to enhance the transparency of immigration procedures by providing applicants with a personalized timeline for their case processing. The platform’s feature has now been extended to […]

From Dreams to Dollars: Unlocking American Entrepreneurship with IEP

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of growth, innovation, and success? Look no further than HAYMAN-WOODWARD Global Mobility Services, your trusted companion in navigating the International Entrepreneur Parole (IEP) Program. Get ready to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality with our expert guidance! At HAYMAN-WOODWARD, we believe that every dream deserves wings, […]